Past the Glad and Sunlit Season: Poems for Halloween

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K. A. OPPERMAN conjures up a pageant of autumnal imagery sure to delight all fans of the Halloween season. Often recalling the charming rhymes on vintage postcards, these poems take us on a stirring journey deep into October’s heart, offering treats—and a few tricks—to those brave enough to follow the jack-o’-lantern’s orange grin into the night. Put on your costume, grab your pumpkin-shaped treat-bucket, and come discover what treasures are to be found past the glad and sunlit season, where both the dying year—and youth itself—confront what it means to face the darkness at summer’s end.

With a preface by Halloween expert and award-winning author Lisa Morton and 15 atmospheric full-page black and white illustrations by Dan Sauer.

Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 inches - 130 pages

...[K. A. Opperman] is the gifted descendent of poets ranging from Poe to Walter Scott to Robert Burns, all of whom understood that Halloween’s deliciously dark mood may be best served by poetry.”—From the Preface by Lisa Morton, author of Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween

“K. A. Opperman’s poems evoke both the dark chill of late October and the warmth of a cottage fireside. He captures a time outside of time, an otherworld populated by Pumpkin Kings and haunted souls who wander the edges of our consciousness begging to come inside. The book is a heartfelt incantation to mysteries of Halloween.”—Lesley Pratt Bannatyne, author of Halloween: An American Holiday, an American History

"These visions of All Hallows’ Eve are sure to enchant and whisk the reader away to a world of crisp autumn leaves, brimming with magic. The poems within this collection are steeped in folklore and perfectly reflect the ambiance of Halloween. This book will become your treasured new Halloween tradition.”—Mickie Mueller, author of Llewellyn’s Little Book of Halloween


The Orange Book

Take down the book from off the dusty shelf—
Yes, brush away the cobwebs carefully;
A jack-o’-lantern joined by fay and elf
Adorns its orange cover scarefully.

Take down the book of poems, charms, and spells,
Such as enchant in autumn all the more—
The goblin book that in a whisper tells
Of Halloweens of old that went before.

A witch’s cackle echoes as you crack
The cover slowly open, to the page
Whereon is writ, in ink of cauldron black,
A rhyme recalled from childhood’s youngest age....

You read the words and travel through the Veil
Back to a haunted, dim-remembered time,
When with a filled and grinning candy-pail,
By candlelight, you read each treasured rhyme.

© 2020 by K. A. Opperman. All rights reserved.