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The Eldritch Equations and Other Investigations - BOTH VERSIONS


Image of The Eldritch Equations and Other Investigations - BOTH VERSIONS

Available for a limited time!


For the Rawlik completist, this bundle offers the option of buying both variations for a discounted price. Books will ship together once the official version with the color cover is published.

Note on signed books: Personalized inscriptions from the author are only possible with preorders. Cover artist Dan Sauer is available to personalize any order. If you are ordering a signed copy, please indicate in the notes section if you would like a personalized inscription.


From Peter Rawlik, author of Reanimators, The Weird Company, Renanimatrix and The Miskatonic University Spiritualism Club...

Halsey, Peaslee & Lydecker, Arkham’s own occult investigators, have their hands full...

There’s a monstrous storm brewing over the college annex, something is haunting the Delapore Chemical Company, the university library is having trouble with the Whateley collection, the new librarian is probably too curious for her own good, and there’s a young woman who may or may not be the rightful heir to the House of Jermyn. And let’s not forget HP&L have agreed to provide security for the social event of the year. The guests have come to Arkham from all over the world, and only some of them might be human... but what else would you expect from the Wedding of Asenath Waite?

Walter Gilman is Dead!

But for Frank Elwood, the terror continues. One by one his fellow students are dying, and the odds of that being accidental aren’t just improbable—they border on the impossible. To protect himself Elwood seeks help from HP&L, who might just help him unravel the terrible secret of THE ELDRITCH EQUATIONS.

Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 inches - 270 pages

“Looking for Lovecraftian horror fiction the way it should be written? Then Peter Rawlik is your man.” —David Conyers, author of Cthulhu Reloaded

“From Asenath to Zabdiel, Rawlik conjures an imaginative kaleidoscope of Lovecraftian New England and its inhabitants, leaving no insane professor or harried investigator unturned. An utterly unashamed dive into the devious and deluded world of the Mythos, where the living, the dead, and the re-animated have a book they don’t want you to see. And it may not be a good idea to answer that knock at the door...” —John Linwood Grant, author of Where All is Night, and Starless

"Murder comes to the Miskatonic Valley, and someone has to find out whodunnit. The Eldritch Equations is an interstitial novel, and finds its place in between the genres of weird fiction and the detective novel. Rawlik's novel splices a touch of Dashiell Hammett into the literary DNA of Lovecraft's Arkham Cycle, and does justice to both." —Bobby Derie, Author of Sex and the Cthulhu Mythos


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