The Laughter of Ghouls by K. A. Opperman

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Published by our friends at Hippocampus Press! Cover art & design and interior illustrations by Dan Sauer. 6x9 paperback, 178 pages.

“K. A. Opperman’s The Laughter of Ghouls is a dark gem of endless depths in which one may see the decadent procession of exquisite darkness in which this poet revels!”—D. L. Myers, author of Oracles from the Black Pool

For close to a decade, K. A. Opperman has been among the leading weird poets of our time. Bursting on the scene with the scintillating volume The Crimson Tome (published by Hippocampus Press in 2015), Opperman has consistently displayed a wide imaginative range, a metrical precision reminiscent of the work of George Sterling and Clark Ashton Smith, and a sensitivity to the subtle overtones of the weird in daily life that make his poems far more than mere exercises in shudder-coining.

The Laughter of Ghouls shows Opperman at the height of his poetic powers. The emphasis here is on ghouls as symbols of the fragility of our human mortality. Opperman’s fascination with vampires male and female is displayed in a series of poems, while verses on the ghost, the werewolf, and the witch show the poet infusing new life into these traditional weird motifs. Throughout, Opperman exhibits all the qualities that have made him a pioneer in the renaissance of weird poetry that has been ongoing over the last several decades.


Introduction: Tainted Laughter

Graveyards Forgotten
The Laughter of Ghouls    
Ghoul Moon 
Among the Ghouls 
Woodland Funeral  
In Fits of Wildest Dreaming           
To Court the Night  

Carpathian Spells
Transylvanian Darkness   
A Queen of Carpathia        
Portrait of the Countess    
Blood and Beauty   
O My Vampiress     
Symbols of Blood    
The Black Czarina  
The Vampire-Slayer’s Whip          
The Lady of the Dagger     
Empress of Vampires         
The Woman in the Feathered Mask        
Roses, Black Roses
Bloody Tears
Queen of the Bats   
The Harpy    
The Hunter and the Succubus     
When Wolfsbane Blooms  

Ghostly Sighs       
The Lady in Scarlet 
Midnight in the Ebon Rose Bower
The Lady of the Graves     
A Ghostly Lily          
The Shadow of the Reaper
The Spectral Knight
The Ghost Carriage
Her Ghostly Sigh    
The Lady in White

Songs of the Goat
Invocation of Diana
Ode to Ashtoreth    
Flame-Mistress of the Morning Star        
Child of Ice   
In the Dead of Winter         
Priestess of the Goat          
Chant of the Priestess        
Song of the Goat     
Woods at Dusk        
The Goat of Walpurgis       
Walpurgis Eve         
The Crimson Circle 
May Song     
The Wicker Woman
Witch Summons     
The Witch     
The Benighted Path
Ode to the Gorgon  
The Night Mare        
Nightshade Flowers
Your Mask of Porcelain     
Carnival Siren         
Crimson Masquerade         
Cassilda Dons the Pallid Mask     
Black Widow
The Crimson Witch 
Devil’s Valentine     
Daemonic Nathicana         
Queen of Nenuphars         
My Lady of the Nightshade Flower          
The Forest Witch    
The Blood Garden  
The Demon of Ennui          
The Mushroom Siren         
The Fungal Nymph
Her Fungal Glance 
The Fungal Fog      
The Book of Black Dreams
Black Oracles          
Among the Gargoyles        
Nocturnal Forest Cathedral           
Mary of the Rosy Grave     
Villanelle of My Dead Love
The Voice of the Waves     
My Ship of Dreams 
Heart Burial